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Instructional Technology Coach, Cheri Grimes

It's me! Video over Google Classroom

List of extensions and apps I love for Google

Share to Classroom-You can share links instantly with your students in class when all using Classroom. (Thanks Mr. Baker!)

Goo shorterner-I use to shorten links to forms and other pages.

Google Classroom



Exporting grades from Classroom to Skyward

This is the Authentication screen on Chromebooks. Students enter their Student ID and password they created. If they forget it, Frankie can reset it.
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This screen is focused on the wifi signal. If the chromebook is saying their password is incorrect, and there is an error sign on the wifi tornado, then restart the device.
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This is the screen where students log in with their Google email and password. If they forget their password, they can visit the library, Frankie or myself to change it.

Please keep students on the Device wifi.

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This Tuesday! I will be in the lecture hall all day. Please come visit me to learn and hear more about using Google Classroom with your lessons.