A Long Way Gone

Infographic by dillon bailey

Internal Characterization

While on the run ishmael is experiencing

  • hunger
  • loneliness
  • fear
  • panic
and other struggles on his journey
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Historical Connection

I am relating the Rebels in Ismael's life to Isis. Just like the Rebels in The Long Way Gone, Isis is trying to take over and hurt innocent people. They believe that what the stand for his right and will do anything to achieve their goals of letting people know that.
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Vocabulary Words

1) Scabbard

A scabbard is a sheath for the blade of a sword. It plays a role in this book because the rebels who captured Ismael and his friends pulled their blades out of their scabbard, which is one thing Ishmael will never forget.

2) Rebels

A rebel is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or ruler. This is important because the whole story circles around Ishmael and the rebels. They changed Ishmael's life and it will never be the same.

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1) Before the rebels first attacked, Ishmael and his brother Junior lived with their single mother in a small house. They cared for each other and always made sure they were okay.

2) While Ishmael is on the run, he finds himself all alone with nature. He is sleeping in trees also providing him food, and finding water in ponds.

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Conflict #1 Self vs Self

Ishmael and his friends were in a very tough position. They were hungry, which led to them sneaking into the rebel camp and getting their money. They were happy that they could now get food, until they realized nobody wanted to sell them food. The drive to fill their stomachs was enough to make them steal the food during the night to fulfill their needs.
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Conflict #2 Self vs Nature

Ishmael was walking around all alone looking for a place to make shelter. He wondered around a forest and found a suitable tree. Without knowing it then, he was lost. He eventually tried to find his way out, but everything looked the same. This is him facing nature because the forest is the only thing keeping him from moving forward.
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