Know First Aid

You can save lives!

First Aid

Having a basic understanding of First Aid is very important. Therefore, you will learn the basics of First Aid and how to proceed during situations that pertain to injuries. Have a look below.


If there's blood coming from an individual, no matter where, make sure to have them clean their wound if it's not too bad (ex. Scrape, Cut).

However, if the injury is major, call 911 immediately then go over and hold something over the wound. If the wound is on the arm or leg, try to find something to tie above the leg to try and slow down the blood flow to the wound.

Nosebleeds are also quite scary if not treated correctly. The number 1 thing to do is to pinch the top of the nose with thumb and index finger and breathe through the mouth. Then try to clot up the hole(s) to prevent too much blood flow.

Head Injury

If a patient has suffered a most likely head injury, make sure that they are out of harm's way. Then have the lie down on their back and have them not move. Then call 911 immediately and inform them of location.


There are 2 types of fractures.

Internal and Compound.

Internal means that nothing is protruding out of the skin/muscle of area.

Compound means the bone(s) is/are sticking out of the skin with quite a bit of blood.

Make sure individual is on their back or which ever position is more convenient. Try to move the patient as less as possible unless directly in harm's way.

Call 911 immediately if it's internal or compound.

Assure the patient that they will be okay and that help is on the way.


There are 3 different degrees of burns.

1st degree is a minor burn

2nd degree means the skin is coming off a bit, forming slight blisters and change in color

3rd degree means the skin will look charred, dry, and, in a way, melted.

Make sure patient keeps wound(s) clean.

For 3rd degree burns, do not apply any ointment because that may alter the healing process.

Call 911 immediately if burns are 3rd degree or more.