Daisy Buchanan

The Great Gatsby

Bio Poem


Beautiful, pure, selfish, indecisive

Wife of Tom

Lover of the color white, money, and material luxury

Who feels unappreciated by Tom, delighted to see Nick, and overjoyed when with Gatsby

Who needs love from Tom or Gatsby, money to buy everything she wants, and people to pick up the damage she makes

Who gives compliments to Nick, a false impression to Gatsby, and death to Myrtle

Who fears telling Tom she never loved him, being alone, and not having money

Who would like to see Chicago, Gatsby, and Pammy grow up to be a beautiful little fool

Resident of East Egg



Wilting Flower

Like a flower, Daisy is very beautiful. She is full of life and vibrant, but she is also very indecisive. She cannot decide what she wants in life, choosing between Gatsby and Tom. This causes her a lot of stress and ends in some poor decisions. That's why I chose the flower to be wilting. The wilting of the flower represents the fact that Daisy is beautiful but selfish. She does not live up to her full potential but is a very disappointing character. By the end of the book she is seen in a different light. She shows her true colors which makes her a much less beautiful person.
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Pearls represent Daisy because she is seen as very pure and innocent at the beginning of the book. She also loves the color white and expressing her purity. The day before her wedding when she is having doubts she rips of her pearl necklace and tells the others to give it back to whoever gave it to her. This is foreshadowing events that later happen to prove that Daisy really isn't pure of innocent. The pearls just represent her love of money and looking rich. She deliberately leaves Gatsby after leading him on, showing that Daisy is no longer innocent.
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"I did love him once --- but I loved you too."

Page 132

I chose this quote because it is the one time Daisy expresses her true feelings. She finally stands up and admits that she did in fact love Tom at some point but she also loved Gatsby. This also shows Daisy's indecisiveness. This quote is significant because it is the moment where Gatsby's dream starts to fall apart because Daisy is unable to tell Tom that she never loved him. This is where Daisy's true colors start to show and she is no longer the perfect innocent girl Gatsby thought she was.