By: Julie Claypoole

Who,What,When,where,and why

  • Ian Wilmut
  • Cloning and Dolly the sheep
  • July of 1997
  • Roslin Institution in Scotland
  • cloning was for medicine and drugs.

Ian Wilmut

  • He did not want fame and fortune for his discovery.
  • Wilmut made the cloning idea in the mid-1980s
  • Ian was very famous for cloning dolly.

Dolly and cloning

  • Dolly was cloned by 3 sheep and it took 277 tries just to clone dolly
  • Dolly was 6 years old when born and was 12 year old when she died
  • the first human egg embryos were clones in Massachusetts in 2001 but they all died.
GCSE Science Revision - Cloning Dolly The Sheep