Study of genes heredity and variation in living things.

Barbara Mcclintock

One famous geneticist is Barbara Mcclintock. She was born on June 6 1902 and she died in 1992. She was the third child. She attended a New York City high school, and she enrolled in Cornell University.

As a scientist she specialized in cytogenetics. She primarily studied chromosomes of corn and controlling the elements in transposition and genetic regulation. Despite her discoveries she was ignored until the late 1960's when her experiment was replicated. In 1983 she received the Nobel Prize.

She was connected to Genetics because of her experiments with corn and the way their genes affect the way they grow and look. We now understand chromosomes because of her discoveries.

Alfred Day Hershey

Alfred Day Hershey was born on December 4. 1908. Married Harriet Davidson in 1945, and they and a son, Peter. He died on May 22, 1997.

He studied Bacteria and viruses. These led to discoveries That resulted in several discoveries that made advancements in understanding genetic inheritance and change. The famous Hershey-Chase experiment led to the discovery of Dna as data holders which contain all the information of life.

His studied are included in the field of genetics because he discovered DNA, and all genetics are based around DNA. He has helped make major leaps in genetics by discovering DNA and now we further know how it works.

Gregor Mendel

Born on july 22, 1883. Born Johann Mendel Was an Austrian Monk. He was the middle child and was the only son to his parents. Went to primary school in his home town but had to be sent to a nearby town for secondary school.

He was very interested in botany. He experimented with pea plant and their heredity. He carefully crossbred and studied pea plants and their characteristics. He compared seed shape, color pod shape, color and plant height. He is now known as the father of modern day genetics.

His studies helped us understand how genetics passed down from parents play a role in our characteristics. He has modernized the way we go about studying genetics.