Turn $0 into $100 in 3 days

The Magic of Leverage

What you will need:

  • A personal computer with Internet connection (no cell phones)
  • A credit card (not a debit card or prepaid card)
  • A personal PayPal account
  • Valid US Identification

Over the next three days, you will using the art of leverage (you will be leveraging your earnings from the previous day to increase your earning for the current day). It is important to follow the steps exactly. If you are unable to follow them as stated, please contact me to try to resolve the issue and get you back on track.

$100 in 3 days

Let's do the math

Day 1 You started with $0 and earned $20

Day 2 You used $4 from the $20 and earned an additional $30.

Day 3 You used a small portion of the $30 to earn $70

You earned a total of $120 and spent about $20 or so

So at the end of Day 3, you earned $100 for 5 hrs of work. That's $20 an hour!!!

You and your friend must keep the offers for 90% of the trial period or your payments will be revoked.