Fire saftey

Here is an educational video to watch about fire safety and why it is important.

Lets prevent kitchen fires.

But how do you prevent kitchen fires????

Three ways you can prevent a kitchen fire are simple. By following the next three tips you are doing you and your kitchen a huge favor. Never leave your pan unattended, this is the leading cause to a grease fire and it could be too late when you decide to check on your pan. Know that the temperature the flames go up is at 500 degrees keep checking on your pan and always watch for smoke. Always have and ABC fire extinguisher handy this is good for putting out all types of fires and you won't regret having one if something goes wrong and a grease fire does occur.

First aid helpful hints.

Worst case possible you get a burn from the fire here are some steps to follow if a burn occurs. First rinse the burn using cool water this will usually stop the pain in 15 to 30 minutes. Then you want to clean the burn if you have an open blister is can easily get infected. Now proceed to bandage the burn always make sure the bandage is clean to prevent further infection.