Word Study Resource: Story Champs

A language and vocabulary supplement for K-2nd grade ELA

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Sound familiar?

  • "My students are struggling with vocabulary, comprehension and social communication skills."
  • "Using background knowledge and text structure to comprehend stories is difficult for many of my kids."
  • "It takes so long for students to generate ideas and engage in rehearsal for writing."

Story Champs is a multi-tiered language curriculum that builds the vocabulary, schema and story structures required for language comprehension, reading comprehension and written expression. Weekly lessons delivered whole-class and/or in small groups use narrative language to bridge speaking and listening with reading and writing. This word study resource supplements the following areas of within a K-2 ELA block:

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What does Story Champs look like in action?

Does it align with the Essential Literacy Practices?

Story Champs materials support the implementation of Essential Practices 2 (Read Aloud), 6 (Writing Instruction), and 7 (Vocabulary).

How can I learn more about Story Champs?

Word Study Resource Training: Story Champs

K-2 classroom teachers, curriculum directors, administrators, speech and language pathologists, EL teachers and special education teachers can read more and register for our one-day learning event on October 5, 2018!

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