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Week Ahead for Dec. 7th - 11th

Discipline is not punishment. Discipline is changing someone's behavior. - Nick Saban

Our School Goals

  1. 100% of our students will grow in the areas of Math and Reading
  2. 10% increase in advanced and proficient rating on state testing
  3. 90% of classroom students will reach their end of the year STAR target goal
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Schedule for the Week of Dec. 7th

* Team Meeting Focus This Week = Behavioral Focus *

Monday, November 23rd (B Day)

  • 1:00 Confession

Tuesday, November 24th (A Day)

  • 8:30am STCM Deans Collaborative - Dan
  • 9:03am 7th Grade Team Meeting
  • 10:25am Specials Team Meeting
  • 12:30pm Learning Exchange Admin Meeting
  • 1:00 Confession
  • 2:00pm Feast of Immaculate Conception Mass in memory of Zaira Tellez (weekly Mass will move to Thursdays starting in January)
  • 3:45pm Student Discipline Meeting - everyone is welcome

Wednesday, November (B Day)

  • Will run a Tues./Thur.schedule to allow a run through for this evening's concert
  • Wednesday student folders go home.
  • Please upload your lesson plans for next week to the Google Drive folders by/on Thur.
  • 2pm - All student that has music this semester will transition upstairs to 4th floor to rehearse together. Students that do not have music this semester will be participating in the service activities from 2-3pm. Services activities could include making Christmas cards for homebound parishioners, veterans, etc... At 3pm, service students will come upstairs to 4th floor to listen to a portion of the concert. Teachers, please remember to divvy up your team and figure out service activities and any necessary supplies.
  • Christmas concert at the High School tonight.

Thursday, December 3rd (A Day)

  • 8:15am Rescheduled 6th Grade Team Meeting
  • 9:00am STCM Instructional Collaborative - Katie and Shelly
  • 2:30pm Vertical PLC PD at MS

Friday, December 4th (B Day)

  • Will run a Tues./Thur.schedule
  • 2pm Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass with flowers
  • 6th Grade Lock-in!

Article for the Week

Technology Tip

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Have a wonderful week!