Conductors, Semi-conductors and insulators


Materials that freely allow the flow of electrons.

Examples of conductors can be, aluminum, copper, iron or silver.


Materials that do not allow electrons to flow freely but do not directly stop them either.

Examples of semi-conductors are things like silicone, germanium, or , led's.


Materials that greatly impede, or stop the flow of electrons.

Examples of insulators are rubber, wood, polyester, paper, or cotton.

Comparing and Contrasting

When you compare and contrast these three, you can see that they are all different levels of resistance. You can also see that they all have to do with resistance.

In daily life...

Conductors, semiconductors and insulators are all in daily life. The tires on my mom's car are insulators, the computer chip in my Lenovo is a semiconductor and my pencils are insulators.