Room 23 News

June 8-12

Mark Your Calendars!

June 8 - Field Day

June 9 - Field Day Rain Date; Market Day

June 10 - End of Year Party

June 11 - Despicable Me Movie

June 12 - Last Day of School - 1/2 day

Room 23 Happenings

We've reached the end of the year! It has been a joy to be your child's teacher this year. I continue to love teaching 4th grade year after year; it's a unique age for kids and I still get to see them as 5th graders before they leave Hamlin! Thank you all for supporting your child to be the best they can be, day after day!

End of Year Party Sign Up:

This summer I am hosting a Summer Book Club! Interested participants will read a book (to be announced this week) and we will meet one time over the summer to discuss the book and then walk to the Dairy Queen in downtown Rochester for some ice cream! Usually the meeting is in July, at the Rochester Hills Public Library. If your child is interested, please email me letting me know so I can keep in contact with you over the summer about the Summer Book Club meeting. Thanks!

Please have your child check around their bedroom/house to make sure they have returned all of our classroom books (marked "Guy") to school. Thank you!