Guard dog

by David lane

Guard dog

Have you ever wanted to have someone protect you from robberies or an intruders? All you need is a guard dog to protect you. You can train them , you can find the best guard dog for you but why would you want to get a guard dog.

A guard dog will protect you the stand by your side be your best friend. Most people ether get robed with someone there this is one reason you should get a guard dog. When you get a guard dog you can fell protected this is anther . Having a guard dog will bring comfort to kid.s to

Now that your convinced you should train your dog. You can train your dog your self that way your dog commands to you. By doing this you and your dog will build a strong bond. Also you can professionally get your dog trained that way you won't make any mistakes in the training process. professionally they have had more experience with dogs.

If you were to find the best guard dog for you will have to be for certain stakes if in the city a small or medium dog .There the right size to live in the city like a winner dog . However if you live in sobers a large dog would be the best dog like a pit bull.

In conclution guard dog will protect you and your family.