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Staff Newsletter for 2018-2019, Episode 6

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How is it already March? This year has gone so quickly and before we know it, it will be May. The month of February brought a lot of time for us to reflect with you individually about our students and their progress. And to make ongoing plans to help our students achieve the end of year goals you have set for them.

As hard as it is to believe, Courtney, Ashley and I are already busy at work making plans for summer and fall.

You have met many difficult challenges this year with strength, joy and humility. And you continue to give your all every single day. You deserve time to rest and enjoy your families so I am so grateful that Spring Break is just around the corner.

It is such a joy to get to serve the families of East Elementary with all of you!

Love you all!

Melissa, Ashley, and Courtney

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East Elementary Carnival

We are so excited about our upcoming Parent Event! It is a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with our East families and to once again reinforce the partnership we continue to work to establish between home and school. Please make note of the information below to help with planning, communication to our families and to help our night go as smoothly as possible!

  • All certified staff will be on duty from 5:45 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
  • Paras that signed up to work parent nights to earn your flex time will also be on duty from 5:45 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
  • Grade level teachers will be responsible for their own grade level areas - set up, working that area and your games, and clean up.
  • Additional certified staff and paras that are working will receive their assignment the beginning of next week. You will be responsible for helping with set up in those areas, working that area, and clean up.
  • If any of our other paras want to volunteer to help on this evening, we would love to have you! Just let Mrs. Goulden know.
  • Letters are going home tomorrow with more details for our families and an opportunity to prepay for the bands we are selling. All carnival games are free but students must have a band to participate in bounce houses, face painting and petting zoo.
  • Candy and bags will be provided to every grade level table so that students can receive candy for playing carnival games and the bags will be for them to put their candy in.
  • Additional info can be found in parent letter by clicking here.
  • Map of how we will set up can be found by clicking here.
  • Weather will be looked at on Tuesday. If we feel that the weather will not be good for our event, we will reschedule to Thursday, March 28th.

Thank you for your help in putting together a wonderful night for our families!

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Fundamental Five and Power Walks

Thank you for your continued focus with the instructional strategies we've highlighted this year! The last time we visited we talked about the decline we saw with using powerful conversations in the classroom in regular intervals. As you can see from the graph above, we saw a great increase in these strategies in our last round of walks. Let us be a cue for you - when we enter the room try and insert a turn and talk opportunity to let your students discuss what they've been learning. I'm anxious to hear how the icons we created have helped some of you remember to pause and talk.

Please continue to focus on lesson framing and using your close as part of your daily check for understanding. The last round of power walks will begin on April 1st!

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Benchmark Testing: April 1st - 5th

Please help us to communicate in your classroom newsletters that our campus will be closed to outside visitors for lunch during our benchmark testing dates (April 1st - 5th). We will also shutdown interventions and specials on both of our 3rd grade Mock tests (April 1st and 2nd) to free up staff needed to administer small groups and to monitor hallways. Courtney will send more details as the dates approach.

As always, you are free to create a shared schedule with your fellow team members to give yourselves a break on the 3rd grade dates.

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Looking Ahead: March Events

  • March 4th - T-TESS Window Continues
  • March 4th - HEF Jeans ($100+ Donation)
  • March 4th - March 8th - Texas Public School Week
  • March 7th - College Day
  • March 7th - Second Grade Field Trip
  • March 7th - East Spring Carnival
  • March 8th - 1st Grade Music Program
  • March 8th - Early Release
  • March 11th - 15th - Spring Break
  • March 18th and 19th - Kindergarten goes to EcoLand
  • March 19th - Lead Meeting @ 3:30
  • March 20th - Behavior and Academic RtI with Jodi Horton
  • March 21st - College Day 2.0 (ETBU Guests)
  • March 25th - Class Pictures
  • March 28th and 29th - Second Grade Farm Bureau
  • March 29th - T-TESS Window Closes
  • April 1st - HEF Jeans ($100+ Donation)
  • April 1st - 5th - Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Benchmarks (No Visitors for Lunch)
  • April 3rd - 3rd Grade Benchmark Data Conversations
  • April 5th - 3rd Grade STAAR Lock In
  • April 8th - 3rd Grade All STAAR Groups Begin
  • April 10th - Kinder - 2nd Grade Benchmark Data Conversations
  • April 10th - 12th - HeadStart and PreK Early Registration
  • April 16th - Kindergarten Graduation Pictures
  • April 16th - Lead Teacher Meeting @ 3:30
  • April 16th - PTA Meeting @ 6:00
  • April 19th - Good Friday - School Holiday
  • April 22nd - Earth Day Activities (Sponsored by CIS)
  • April 24th - Faculty Learning (4:00 - 5:30) -- Everyone must attend
  • April 26th - Logic Day for 3rd Grade GT
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Have an AMAZING Week!