Will Read For Pizza

All About the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program by Mynn Kitchen

An Introduction

The Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program encourages students to read by offering free pizza as an incentive. This program began in 1984 and is still going strong, more than 30 years later. Let's explore more about the program...
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For Students

When does the program run & who can participate?

All students in grades K-6 are eligible to participate in the BOOK IT! Program from October 1st-March 31st of each school year.

Who sets this up?

Your teacher, librarian, and principal can sign you up for the program. Ask them about it if your school is not enrolled!

Can I participate if I'm not in public schools in the USA?

Yes! Homeschooled children, online schools, even students in Puerto Rico and Canada are all able to participate in this program. You just have to follow steps found HERE in order to do so.

What do I have to do to win?

Your teacher will set goals for the students in your class. Goals could be a number of books, minutes, or even number of pages read.

What do I win?

You can win a free 1-topping personal pan pizza every month, for six months, when you meet your class goals.
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For Teachers

When do I need to enroll my students?

Enrollment runs from March-September prior to the school year. Supplies will be shipped to you in August.

Where do I go to enroll my students?

You will find all the enrollment information you need HERE. Make sure to enroll on time. Pizza Hut cannot guarantee supplies to schools who do not enroll by the deadline.

Can I give out more than one certificate if I forget?

The BOOK IT! program feels that students need to be rewarded as soon as they meet their goals. Teachers should read all the guidelines sent to them to ensure that prompt rewarding happens. Certificates do expire 30 days after being issued, so timing is important!

Do I have to fill out certificates, or can I give them out blank?

Yes. In order for the certificates to be used, they must be filled out by a teacher whose class is enrolled in the program.

What do I do with extra certificates?

You are to destroy any left over certificates that you have once the program for the school year has ended.
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Visual for Teachers

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