Hunger Games

Let the games begin

Katniss everdeen's family

the members of her family are her sister Prim and her mom of wich i dont know the name of. the are a family that relies on Katniss to put food on the table every day. the family struggles and they are pretty poor.

I recommend this book

i recommend this book to people that love action and intense novels. There is never a dull moment in this book you are always at the edge of your seat every page. like when there about to get picked at the reaping to see who goes to the hunger games

my favorite people in the Hunger Games


why i read this

when I first start asking people about this book they said that it was a must read book and I heard that the movie was coming out soon and when I saw it. It was amazing and then was where I had to start reading the book and I loved it all the way through.

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