The Industrial Revolution

By Nick La Creta and Jimmy Flynn

Important People of the Industrial Revolution and their Inventions

Important Events of the Industrial Revolution

Important Terms from the Industrial Revolution

Summary of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the 1780s. During this time, industry and the production of goods skyrocketed. Before the Industrial Revolution began, there was an Agricultural Revolution, which brought about the necessary land, labor, and capital for industry. Excess land and laborers were brought about due to the Enclosure Movement, and Great Britain had a ready supply of capital. With the new tools brought about during this time, there was less of a need for farmhands. Cotton production at this time was very slow and done at home in cottages. This style of production was known as the cottage industry. With the large amount of capital, entrepreneurs invested in new machines that were too large for houses. To fit these large and new inventions, factories were created and the excess farmhands went to work there. Production of textiles increased, and more inventions were created to speed up the production rate and to make jobs easier. Soon, the idea of factories and industrialization spread all throughout Europe and North America. In order to transport the raw materials and finished products, new vehicles and roads were created. Instead of dirt paths, asphalt roads were created, speeding up shipping time. Railroads were set up between industrial towns and ports to speed up shipping time as well. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, new social classes were created, new economic systems were thought of, and there was a surplus in goods.