Plans for school contents page

some new ideas


I am planning to use the weatherhead logo on the front cover of my magazine, so it allow the audience to know that the magazine is about weatherhead high school and it is also created by an weatherhead student; also allowing the contents page to be similar to my front cover of my magazine.


I was thinking to design my masthead like the weather logo, working against a dark royal blue background with plain white writing. I also hoping to place this on the right hand side on the page, which is connected to the weatherhead logo. The masthead would be the word "contents" written in the size of 16pt, allowing the audience the be able to see it clearly


There will be two titles on the contents page. the first one will be written on a dark royal blue background with the words written in a plain white writing, which will highlight the word "Feature". This would allow the title to be similar with the weatherhead logo and to fit nicely with the colour scheme on the contents page.

The second title will have the background and written design as the first title, however highlight the words "every month" instead. This will also be written in the same size as the first title, which will be the size of 12pt.


The features would give information on what topic is on each page, which will be written in a list, with numbers from one to six, written at the side; highlighting each new sentence. The numbers would also be highlighted at the side with the colour pink, that is the same colour used on the Weatherhead logo.


There would be two images placed on the contents page. The first image would be place below the masthead on the right hand side of the page. It would be the same length as the features, the image would also be a portrait, allowing the image to fit perfectly with the feature.

The second image would be placed underneath the first image, the top of the image being a lined with the tittle of the second title on the page. The image will be a landscape, allowing it fit at the bottom of the page with the portrait image above.