French Broad River Basin

By: Ben Hampson, Evelyn Gallardo Ramirez

Where is the river basin located in North Carolina?

The headwaters and the mouth is located in North Carolina and Tennessee

How many miles of streams and rivers are included in the basin?

4,436 miles of rivers and streams are included in the basin

How many people live in the river basin?

392,906 live in the french broad river basin

How would you describe the river?

  • Asheville is the biggest city in the basin.
  • Its runs through 10,400 acres of land
  • It includes two major watersheds the pigeon water shed and the nolichucky rivers.
  • Its the only river basin in north carolina where you will find the 9 inch salamander calld mudpuppy
  • There are nine rapids in an 8-mile section of the river
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NonPoint Pollution Sources

  • Christmas tree farms are common among the river basin and wash alot of pesticides into the water.
  • Trout farm wastes flow into the river

Point pollution sources

  • There are 137 point pollution sources in the river basin
  • Some Factorys Are On The Streams Connecting to the lake

The CTGA is one of the groups that grow in that area
Habitat Degregation And Nutrient Enriching Processes Are A Big problem for the basin