Freak the Mighty


Freak the Mighty

The two main characters are Kevin (Freak) and Maxwell ( Mighty). Together they became known as " Freak the Mighty." There friendship is so strong. They used to be friends because of preschool and their mothers were friends, but that soon changed they no longer were close until the day Freak came back.

Man vs. Society

Conflict and Outcome

Max and Kevin were not accepted by others. Max was teased because of his father, Killer Kane. Kevin was teased because of his disease that allows him to grow on the inside but not on the outside. They both are teased and thats how they are so close. They know how it feels to be beaten down because of how you look or act or even by family members. You just have to hang out with the people that get what you have been through and that they really do get you.

Character's Remarks/Actions

Max has always been seen as this big bad kid. He gets that reputation from his father who isn't so good. Everyone always thinks that Max will just out of no where turn into his father. Max really believes in Kevin. He always lets Kevin sit on his shoulders so he can see things such as fireworks it also helps him go faster in a time of need.

Kevin will always be "different" because of the syndrome he has but Max doesn't see Kevin as different, he sees him as human. Everybody has there problems, flaws, etc. but everybody is equal at the end of the day. Kevin also uses his strong voice and smart brain to scare people off. Like with the moving man, he gets this deep voice and tries to command them but doesn't work out so well.

Differences between two characters.

These two boy are two different individuals. Kevin is this really intelligent kid who knows a lot and at times it seems he knows everything. He loves to read and learn more and more every single day. Max on the other hand he calls himself dumb a lot in this book but he isn't as dumb as he thinks he is. He actually can be smart at times but he doesn't like it. He pictures himself as some big monster who is dumb and can't read or write, who doesn't learn. Who spends his time in the "Down under" which is the basement of Grim and Grams house. Max doesn't like getting into fights because he thinks he will turn out like his father.