MTE Library Shelf

Lesa Polinard, Librarian

Upcoming Events

  • Greg Pizzoli visits PK, K, 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades - Tuesday, April 11
  • Scholastic Book Fair - April 17 - April 21
  • District Bluebonnet Rumble - Thursday, May 18
  • 5th Grade Classes "Hour of Code" with Hayden Schmidt - Friday, May 5


Piktochart is an easy to use infographic maker. You can sign up for free and then level up for premium tools. I've used it (the free plan) this year to create pages for our campus site. Your page is created and saved in Piktochart. The next step is to copy and embed the html code into your school webpage. Any needed changes would be made in Piktochart and would automatically be updated on your school site.

2x2 Tumble Fun

Bluebonnet Rumble

The MT Readers and the Bluebonnet Bandits competed against each other in our campus rumble. The MT Readers won 14-13. They will represent our campus at the district event on May 18. Thanks to Mr. Gross, Ms. Walker and Mrs. Kettler for serving as score keepers for the event.
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March Library Lessons

Kindergarten and first grade students enjoyed reviewing fiction and nonfiction books with a library version of musical chairs. Students walked around the chairs while the music played. When it stopped, students sat in a chair and spent a few minutes browsing through their book. Next they identified their book as either fiction or nonfiction. We also discussed whether or not certain books were a "just right" fit.

Students in upper elementary reviewed fiction/nonfiction texts by playing the online games

Quia-Fiction vs. Nonfiction Jeopardy and Mrs. Lodge's Library.

March Library Statistics

  • Total Circulations - 3,554 (Follett)

  • Class visits - 108 (Google sign in)

  • Individual student checkouts - 89 (Google sign in)
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Behind the Scenes

  • Maintaining school website
  • Managing library reading programs
  • Resetting student passwords
  • Purchasing and processing new library materials
  • Coaching 2x2 and Rumble teams