By: Bennett Andersen

Career Overview

Astronomers study outer space to find answers to scientific questions. They study rays and use math and physics to find information.

What do you need to succeed in this career?

A doctorate degree and some helpful high school courses would be Calculus, Calculus Advanced, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Probability.

Cost of Education and Living

A possible college or university would be Beloit College in Wisconsin.

My total cost for tuition and living would be: $87,520

Housing in college: $18,000

Food and groceries: $5,760

Gas money for traveling: $2,160

Clothing money: $1,600

Total tuition: $60,000

Associations/Professional Organizations

Pros/Cons of Career


  • You can discover things that other people haven't yet
  • If you like the career you can wake up every morning and be excited about going to work.
  • If you record your work people from the the future could read it and learn from it.


  • You could work long hours and it might take you a while to discover something.
  • You could be put into a position that you don't want to be when you first start out.

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