By: Tyler Truso


On June 6, 1944, More then 130,000 allies storm the beaches. Within weeks about 1 Million men have landed. The invasion was one of the largest military assaults assaults in history. This battle required very in depth planning. The date June 5 was chosen originally, but due to bad weather they postponed it one day. Allied troops took heavy losses up to 10,000 while trying to cross the beaches. Most men had to swim with an extra 50-80 pounds of gear on there backs. They faced 200 yards of beach before they reached any cover.

Role in WWII

Overlord represented the first real threat to Germany's control of Western Europe. It opened up a second major front against Germany and convinced Russia to stay in the war. Prior to D-Day the Russian's thought that they were the ones doing all the fighting against Germany in Eastern Europe. The Invasion of Normandy was also a means of countering Russia's growing communist influence in Europe. It was clear that Germany was going to be defeated at some point. America and Britian were afarid of what Russia would do.