4th Grade Newsletter

September 2015

What's on the Calendar?

Sept. 6- No School, Labor Day

Sept. 10- Picture Day

Sept. 21- No School, Staff Safety Training

Sept. 24- Fall Family Fun Night- 5:30-7:30

Sept. 30- Noodle Sales Due

What are we learning this month?

September Curriculum

Math- We started the year off developing a math mindset and problem solving skills. The students are learning that making mistakes is ok, that is what helps your brain grow. Our new favorite quote is, "it is only failing if you quit." We are also strengthening our problem solving skills by learning that math is stronger when you understand the visuals with the numbers. Students are learning to talk about math, explain their thinking, and collaborate. Math is ALL ABOUT THE PROCESS.

This month we will also be learning more about place value patterns, our base 10 system, up to the millions, and we will begin to work more with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing of large numbers. First step, help your child get to know their FACTS. We can't stress this enough. Having a solid understanding of facts will allow for better understanding and connections to be made.

Literacy- This month we are building our reading lives. We are working hard to develop our passion for reading and learning what is going to help each student be the best reader they can be this year. We are getting our workshops set up that will allow for a great year of reading growth. We will begin to talk about characters, how to describe them, how they change and grow, and their relationships with other characters.

Social Studies- We are kicking the year off with learning about Geography. Geography is described as place, location, and the interaction among people and their environments that have helped shape each region. Our focus all year long is Ohio in the United States. So we will be taking an overall look at the geography of the United States, the regions and where we are located in the world, but then we will zoom in on Ohio and understand the different regions of Ohio, too!


We get a lot of questions about homework in 4th grade. We DO NOT give a lot of homework in 4th grade. We do require that each student is reading at home, nightly! Students should be reading 20-30 minutes every night. Please help your student set up a routine at home where they will be successful with their reading.

Other homework will be on an as needed basis. If you have any questions, your students teacher will be happy to talk to you about our homework beliefs and the connection between homework and student success.


25 Books!

This year, each student has been challenged to read 25 books. We are encouraging your student to read across different genre's to help them understand different characteristics of each genre and challenge themselves as readers. So far we are off to a great start! The students are completing this challenge by reading their independent books and book club books (once we get started). Talk to your student about the challenge, recommend books, and support them at home. Their at home reading counts toward the challenge.

Dress for the Weather

We are having a serious heat wave to kick off the school year. However, as hot as it is outside, I know our classroom is VERY cold. I would rather it hot than cold and in a 50+ year old building, our systems are very finicky. Please allow your child to bring in a sweater or sweatshirt to put on when in the classroom.

4th Grade Curriculum Video

Check out our 4th grade curriculum video, here. This will allow you to get a bigger overall picture on the school year and what to expect for 4th grade.