Wonders Reading

Unit 1 Week 3


Big picture

BIG IDEA: How can learning help us grow?

Weekly Concept: Communities

Essential Question: How do people from different cultures contribute to a community?


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This Week's Spelling Lists:

Please make daily Spelling practice a priority. Also, take advantage of Spelling City! It is a fabulous online resource and it makes Spelling practice much more fun!

This Week's Spelling Rule:

  • The final e is silent.
  • Final e spelling words usually have a long vowel sound.

Approaching Word List:

date, lake, safe, base, grade, fine, rice, wise, mile, rose, woke, dome, come, fuse, used

On Level Word List:

date, lake, skate, plane grade, fine, life, rice, wise, smile, rose, globe, smoke, come, used

This Week's Wonders Highlights


admires; classmate; community; contribute; practicing; pronounce; scared; tumbled

Word Study:

Compound Words

Comprehension Strategy:

Ask and Answer Questions

Comprehension Skill:

Text Structure: Sequence


Narrative Nonfiction