Week 30 in 2D

cinquains, homophones, area, map scale, food webs

This week's learning journey

Out class will continue to write poetry as we explore the art of writing cinquian poems. They are building quite the poetry portfolio! We will explore homophones that are often written incorrectly (there/their/they;re, our/hour, and to/too/two). In math, we will continue to work through our measurement unit. We'll measure the perimeter of the gardens while designing a spring garden, as well as explore how to find the area of simple shapes (don't worry...no Pi yet). In social studies and math, our class will talk about map scale. Talking about driving or flying long distances may be a good thing to talk about when traveling for spring break! Students love studying food webs and we have some great activities planned to show just how connected we are to plants and animals .Additionally, students see just how important every species is.


A Special Field Trip!

Oatland Island is coming to second grade this Wednesday and bringing an astronomical treat! No lunches of bug spray needed for this field trip. SCDS is the perfect place to have an "outta this world" experience.