Protein Functions Project

By: Austin Smith

Adds texture to food.

Proteins add texture and flavor to some foods through chemical change when cooking.

How proteins achieve texture in food.

Cooking brings about chemical changes in food. The texture and taste changes when food is cooked. Baking powder contains sodium hydrogen carbonate. This breaks down when heated, releasing carbon dioxide that helps cake mixtures to rise during baking.

Foods with the specific amino acid.

All foods have a specific amino acid that makes them look, smell, and taste a certain way.

Factors that inhance

Take potato's for instance, it is normally hard, but when you bake a potato the cell walls become so hot that they melt and go from a solid to a mixed state between liquid and solid.
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Factors that inhibit

If you undercook something you could get food poisoning and if you overcook something it will burn and no longer taste good.