Jacqui's Piano Studio

March/April 2021 Newsletter

Eagerly Awaiting Spring...

Hello students and families! Well, it would seem that spring is almost within reach. Hopefully the warm weather will be back very soon! I hope students have had time to relax over February break. It's time to get back into the swing of things!

No special events for March; just regular lessons.

April 3rd starts a new group class week! The schedule is down below, so don't forget to check. All of the group classes will be virtual group classes over Zoom. Spring break begins on April 17th! Also on April 17th online at 5:00 PM is the Honors Recital!

Thinking Ahead.....

We are hoping that our April Group Classes will be the last zoom group classes. We are looking at doing Mini In-Person Recitals for our June Recital at First Parish. That way we can do recitals in small groups and enjoy some treats to celebrate student success after! More info to come :)


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Honors Recital

Saturday, April 17th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Students who are playing Classical Repertoire and Advanced Repertoire are invited to play in this concert. Studio is invited to come! It will be a YouTube Premiere with a Live Chat

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

April Group Class Schedule

Please let me know if your child is not on this list or if you need to change classes

Monday, April 5th

4:00 (ZOOM)

- Emre Gunduz

- Kaya Gunduz

- Faith Newkirk

- Jack Newkirk

- Claire Simon

- Jacquelin Sirois

- Sam Sirois

5:30 (ZOOM)

- Aden Ali

- Asher Ali

- Emily Klibansky

- Grace Madeleine Klibansky

- Adelaide Roskelly

- Margot Roskelly

- Zahira Vasaiwala

- Zayena Vasaiwala

- Hok Woodin

- Oslo Woodin

Wedenesday, April 7th

4:00 (ZOOM)

- Mira Barger

- Harrison Burkhardt

- Jack Cuneo

- Quinn Cuneo

- Milo Fantigrossi

- Kelsey Nash

- Maya Raber

- Jillian Tasker

Sunday, April 11th:

2:00 (Music and Movement on ZOOM)

- Harper Diehl

- Asher Hammond

- Emily Komabayashi

- Grace Komabayashi

- Maxwell Komabayashi

- Robbie MacMath

- Gunnar Savage

- Daphne Simisky

- Niko Van Halen

3:30 (ZOOM)

- Eleanor Andrews

- Bailey Cole

- Mellina Dibir

- Ruby Driscoll

- Isis Hobbs

- Emma Huston

- Audrey MacMath

- Emily Savage

- Reese Slocum

- Seran Suzuk

- Amelia Tu

5:30 (ZOOM)

- Rowan Barger

- Jia Chase

- Lucy Dubail

- Winnie Dubail

- Saoirse Farrell

- Carol Anne LaMontagne

- Wilford Peeler

- Frankie Sanfino

- Kineo Sommers

- Sara Tracy

Spring Break-- Make Up Days--Please register online


APRIL 17TH-=APRIL 22ND --no regular private lessons

Jacqui: Monday, April 19th

Slots available from 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Delaney: Thursday, April 22nd

Slots available from 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM