Flying Shuttle

By Ryan Martin

How the new invention works

A board runs along the front of the beater, from side to side, forming a track on which the shuttle runs. At each end of the board, there is a box which catches the shuttle at the end of each side.

Why I made it

I made the Flying Shuttle to help the production of the spinning industry. I also made it to produce strong thread.
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About My company

My company is called "Kays Flying Shuttle Inc." My company sells the cheapest Flying Shuttles you can buy! My invention will help people make the strongest thread people can make.

What my invention did for England

My invention was the first invention of the modern era that produced productivity.The heavy shuttle was noisy and was not energy-efficient but still was a fast way to make strong thread.
fly shuttle weaving

About myself

My name is John Kay. My occupation is that I am an inventor and I created the Flying Shuttle. I was born on June 17th, 1704 in Bury England. I created the Flying Shuttle in 1733 and I became very rich.

Price and information

I am selling my Invention for the cheap price of $50.99. Free shipping and handling. You buy this product in any Walmart in America. Buy it now


Every Shuttle begins with Kay