Outdoor Activities

From Ms. Morris

Feeling Cabin Fever??

Hello Maple Hill Families,

We can start feeling a bit stir crazy staying in the house all day, especially with the whole family being in tight quarters. Venturing outside, in the sunshine, with nature, can release a lot of our anxiety and bottled up energy. So what are some creative ways to spend time outside? Here are some activities that I enjoyed doing with my niece and nephew. Enjoy!

Outdoor Fun Ideas

Chalk Art-Cheer Up The Community

Take your children outside with a bucket of chalk and encourage them to write inspirational messages and draw colorful art on the sidewalk. Give the kids a purpose and tell them it's to cheer up the community. You'll be amazed at how creative they get when they have an audience in mind. While we were out drawing, several neighbors told us how it brought a smile to their face. My niece and nephew were on Cloud 9. Teaching kids to think outside of themselves can be impactful during these times.

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Rock Hunt

Talk a walk around the neighborhood and find rocks that you can paint on at home. Paint the rocks and write inspirational messages on them. The kids can put these rocks outside to cheer up neighbors who are walking by. I went on a walk with my niece and nephew and saw that a neighbor had done the same (picture below). It was a wonderful surprise to spot the rocks and it was uplifting to find them for the kids.

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Inspirational Rock Art Our Neighbors Left Outside Of Their Home

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Inspirational Artwork Created By Ms. Morris And Her Family-Placed Outside By Tree

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunts

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunts are a great way to take a stroll around the neighborhood to new heights. I print a 4x6 copy of a hunt with pictures (they are young and need the visuals) and staple it to a brown bag. We walk the neighborhood, searching high and low, and the kids are excited and captivated. We always bring home our treasures and share what we found. We leave all critters in their natural habitat and don't take them home. If you don't have a printer, just have the kids jot a list on a piece of paper. It's a great mini writing activity. Tomorrow, my niece thought of the idea of picking up trash around the neighborhood. Love that she wants to help her community.

Popped Bubble Art

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Got Bubbles?

Great outdoor activity on a sunny day and best to do on the grass. Pour bubble mixture in small cups and add some drops of food coloring. Let the kids blow bubbles up high and when they land on the paper, they will create fantastic pops and bursts of colors. If you don't have bubbles, I included a link below on how to make your own with supplies found around the house. Your child can write a poem about Bubbles to accompany their artwork. I like to always think of ways to incorporate writing into any of our at-home activities.