Reducing household waste

Household waste is beginning to pile up & must be dealt with

What is House Hold Waste?

Household waste is your daily garbage or trash. This household waste is getting disposed in dumps & is polluting the earth seas and oceans.

The Affects of the waste

The affects that waste cause on the environment, cities, wildlife.

The environment, waste affects the environment by destroying ecosystems, either by water contamination, soil contamination, pollution/smog also, leachate this is like water

contamination but more advance because of chemical mixtures, this is caused by the dumbing or pollution, if this occurs it will most like kill what ever lives in the body of water and may cause sickness to whomever consumes the hazardous water.

Cities and wildlife are affected by waste because of the health, through bad water, through

rotten food or the thick air of smog.

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Reduce, Reuse and Recreate

How do we reduce household waste? We'll I'll explain how, first strategy to reducing, reusing, & recreating is to not use to the products that can be reused, or be recreated

such as plastics this certain plastic are same things destroying the seas and oceans,

if we stop using these plastics they will eventually stop being created. Second strategy to reducing household waste is to eliminating the trash can and increase the recycling bin.

We first have to reduce the bad and reuse the good, the small the trash can the smaller the garbage. Further on, reusing the good and eliminating the bad won't do it all, to finally reduce household waste is to not recreate these plastics, but reuse them for different purposes, is these plastics can't be recreated into something better just reuse them for another purpose rather then throwing them away into the enviroment.

Recreate, Reuse, Reduce Do Not Pollute!