How to be an Amazing Online Hostess

I am SUPER EXCITED and ready to help you earn heaps and heaps of free Jamberry! Just like my parties, I try to keep this flier light and fun so feel free to ask me any question you have.


Your party won't be any fun without any guests! Just like an in-house event, your friends want to know that you thought of them specifically and that you think they would have a good time. So, that's what you are going to tell them.

Please do not just blindly invite your friends to the event. You should also send them a personal message.

Here is a simple script you can use. Or, of course, make something unique to you if you wish!

Hi! I'm having a Jamberry party online and I thought you'd really enjoy it. There is so much fun stuff for your nails including polish, gel and wraps! Would you like an invitation?

I can also provide you a picture to share on your timeline or you can post your own manicure. Please post it with this description: I'm having an online Jamberry party. Please let me know if you would like an invite in case I missed anyone.

Participating in Your Party

Don't be afraid to post images in your own party. Your friends are going to be excited when they see you are excited. If this were an in-home party you would not sit upstairs in your bedroom while I talked to your friends. That would be awkward! LOL You'd engage and have fun, so do that in your online party, too.

Let me know if you need pretty Jamberry images. Or if you have your own pictures, post them, too. If we work together you will have an awesome party!

Participation Ideas

Hostess Form

Please click this button to complete your hostess form, so I can set up your party in my work station. Thanks!