Mrs. Ahearn's Kindergarten News

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Davis Farmland

Our trip to Davis Farmland is this Thursday, June 6th. Please have you child wear the purple shirt they were given the first day of school. This helps us to identify the students from our school.

Last Day of School

The last day of school is a half day, Wednesday, June 19th.

Chaperones for Library Field Trip

I have received a lot of parents who want to chaperone the Library field trip and everyone is welcome to come. Please make sure you have a current CORI check from the superintendents office. You must have a current CORI to chaperone this trip.

Summer Kick-off

Our 5th annual summer reading kick-off has been scheduled for Wednesday June 12th from 6-7 in the Elementary school cafeteria! During that event our kids are encouraged to come in with an adult and select books to take home! Our goal is to provide the kids with as many books as possible so their access to books over the summer is not limited. Our town children's librarian, Miss Rosemary, will be here to talk with our families about what's happening at the library this summer. We will also have volleyball set up in the gym as that is always a big hit!

Upcoming Events

Field trip to Davis Farmland- Thursday, June 6th

Walking Field trip to the No. Brookfield Library- Monday, June 10th

Kindergarten Musical- Friday, June 14th

Field Day- Monday, June 17th

Last Day of School- Wednesday, June 19th

The parents that will be chaperoning our field trip to Davis Farmland have been notified. Unfortunately, we couldn't take all the parents that wanted to come with us. Please consider chaperoning the field trip to the library. We can take all parents that have an undated CORI and want to join us.


For Davis' Farmland each class can only take 5 chaperones. They have changed their policies some recently. We will be taking three staff members so have two openings for parents. We have already had more than two people ask to come.

You do have to be CORI checked to go on the field trip.

I am sorry everyone can not come but we do have two other opportunities for parents to volunteer.

-The field trip to the library- we will be walking and we need LOTS of chaperones

-Field day.

Readers Workshop

This week during Readers Workshop we will continue our work on text-text connections. How understanding the author's style and the theme of the text, building schema for authors, and using schema for an author to help you understand the text.

Look for sight words in text while reading with your child. These are words they need to know by sight because they can't decode them. Please continue to practice the sight words "the, we, I, can, like, see, my, with, to, he, me, little, it, is, a, love, said, she, was, put, up, look, and, are, do, here, go, have, you, what, am, for, no, has, went, at, in, on, who,so, they, this, that, why, an, where, when, from ."

Please practice these words at home. We will be testing to see if they know the sight words soon.

Don't forget to hand in your reading logs every Monday.


This week during Fundations we will finish Unit 5. In this unit we will reinforce sentence structure. The students will not only read short sentences, they will begin to write sentences from dictation. We will continue to emphasize the fluent reading of sentences using phrasing, explain to students that when they read a sentence it should sound like they are talking rather that reading on word at a time. We will model reading with phrasing and expression, and will scoop under phrases to help guide students.

We will teach students how to proofread to check for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

Lastly, we will discuss the differences between narrative vs. informational text. We will explain to the students that some books that they read are "make-believe" (fiction) whereas other books present them with true facts.

Engage Math

During Math this week we will work on Module 5,Topic A, Count 10 ones and some ones, Topic B, Compose Numbers 11-20 from 10 Ones and Some Ones; Represent and Write Teen Numbers.

Lesson 3- Count and circle 10 objects within images of 10 to 20 objects, and describe as 10 ones and __ones.

Lesson 4- Count straws the Say Ten way to 19: make a pile for each ten.

Lesson 5- Count straws the Say Ten way to 20; make a pile for each ten.

Lesson 6- Model with objects and represent numbers 10 to 20 with place value or Hide Zero cards.

Writers Workshop

Writing Workshop is where we systematically apply phonics skills, expect a growing collection of high-frequency words to be spelled conventionally, and teach the writing process. Teachers coach into the writing process and honor “kid writing” development. All of our high-impact writing strategies build motivation and stamina for the Writing Workshop.

During Writing Workshop we will continue our work on Fictional writing.

What Else Are We Doing In Kindergarten?

Upcoming Events!

  • Last day of school, Wednesday, June 19 (5 snow days) 1/2 day dismissal at 11:30