Mrs. Ahearn's Kindergarten News

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Don't forget there is a 1/2 day on Friday, January 18th and NO SCHOOL Monday, January 21st.

Readers Workshop

This week during Readers Workshop we will continue our work on schema. We will discuss the text-to-self connections. How does making connections help you make/revise predictions? We will use Franklin books.

We will introduce the sight words "put & up". Look for sight words in text while reading with your child. These are words they need to know by sight because they can't decode them. Please continue to practice the sight word "the, we, I, can, like, see, my, with, to, he, me, little, it, is, a, love, said, she, was."

Don't forget to hand in your reading logs every Monday.


This week during Fundations we will continue Unit 2. In Unit 2 we will move from beginning phoneme awareness to more advanced phoneme awareness.Previously, we did this by having the students identify the first and last sound of a word. Now we will have them also tune into the middle sound, and blend, segment and manipulate the sounds. We will teach students how to blend and read three-sound short vowel words. These words are called CVC words.


We will learn to write capital letters I, J, K,L, M, N, O and P.

Engage Math

During Math this week we will start Unit 3, Topic C, Comparison of Weight, Topic D, Comparison of Volume.

Lesson 11-Observe conservation of weight on the balance scale.

Lesson 12- Compare the weight of an object with sets of different objects on a balance scale.

Lesson 13- Compare volume using more than, less than, and the same as by pouring.

Lesson 14- Explore conservation of volume by pouring.

Writers Workshop

Writing Workshop is where we systematically apply phonics skills, expect a growing collection of high-frequency words to be spelled conventionally, and teach the writing process. Teachers coach into the writing process and honor “kid writing” development. All of our high-impact writing strategies build motivation and stamina for the Writing Workshop.

During Writing Workshop we will finish our unit on How To and begin writing Narrative stories.

Clip Box Tops for Education!

Our school receives 10 cents for every box top we collect. This helps the school to buy new books and computers for our students and teachers.

Send the box tops into school in a bag marked with the name of your child's teacher.

What Else Are We Doing In Kindergarten?

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Upcoming Events!

  • Friday, January 18th, 1/2 day day, Professional day
  • Monday, January 21st, No School, MLK Jr. day