Physical Vs Chemical Changes


What is physical changes?

Physical changes are a change in a new subtance that not formed. They are physical properties. They are melting and transition into a gas. The materials will change the shape than it was before.


  • orange into pieces
  • nail in wood
  • melting popcles
  • pencil sharping
  • cut tomatoes
  • eggs breakin
  • clay molded in a new shape
  • foil cut in half
  • butter melting on warm toast
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What is a Chemical?

A chemical change occurs when one or more subtances are changed into entired new subtances.


  • iron rusting
  • gasoline burning making a water vapor
  • frying a egg
  • toast burning
  • rusting nail
  • burnt match
  • rotting
  • eating
  • cooking
  • decomposing
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