Johnny Appleseed

By Charlie


Did you know that in Fort Wayne, IN John Chapman also known as Johnny Appleseed has a baseball team named the Tin Caps after him?

johnny appleseed

Johnny Appleseed was a boy of kindness. He was born in September 26, 1774. He planted over 1,200 acres of apples. He died at the age of 71 in Fort Wayne, IN.

John's Early Life as a Boy

His father, Nathaniel Chapman, served as a minuetman in the Battle of Concord. Then later Nathaniel Chapman served under General George Washington. His mother, Elizabeth Chapman died during child birth. Nathaniel Chapman soon got remarried. By 1812, John Chapman was working independently as a orchardist.
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John Chapman was really helpful.

John Chapman traveled from Ohio to Pennsylvania. John Chapman had many purposes for planting apple trees. The small tart apples are the ones he mostly planted. They were mostly used for hard cider & apple jack.

Johnny thought everything needed respect.

Johnny was kind to Native Americans when settlers were not. He gave respect to animals and did not eat meat. John Chapman died March 18,1845 in Fort Wayne, IN. That's where I was born! I feel special that I have a special connection with him.
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