How to Make Peace at School

By: Camille Paoletta

Why You Should Make Peace at School

There's many ways to make peace at school, peace helps us be calm and collected. It also helps us make friends to hang out with. When we find peace and spread it at school the atmosphere rapidly changes. It can go from chaotic to serene, in a matter of seconds. It's how you deal the problem and stress. Class is hard enough without dealing with problems at home, or possibly being a victim of bullying. Stress can also make you be a bully. If you help yourself you will help other, which is a great gift to give. Remove yourself from the problem.
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Ways to Make Peace Around You

School can be a very stressful environment. There's many ways to deal with this stress and demolish it at the source. When you do this you make friends, and make people want to be around you more. You can join sports, student council, book club, and many other activities. You can also take a deep breath to relax.