thinkpeace workshop

think it. create it. share it.

#liveyourvalues summer camp

if your heart is telling you to do something for others and you're ready to take action to create positive change in the world, join us at our summer workshop

thinkpeace workshop for girls

Saturday, July 9th, 4pm to Sunday, July 17th, 12pm

891 Amsterdam Avenue

New York, NY

at thinkpeace summer camp you will discover your unique voice, become more aware of yourself and the world around you, make lifelong friendships with girls from around the world and begin a journey that leads to activism and world peace. Imagine!

at thinkpeace workshop you will:

  • reflect on your values
  • learn new information
  • engage in meaningful dialogue
  • express yourself creatively through art, improv, and movement
  • problem-solve and take action
  • dance it out
  • laugh out loud