Bear Creek Third Grade

Week of January 25 to January 29

News and Announcements

  • This Friday is an async work day! :)
  • In small groups this week, we will be reviewing questions commonly missed on the MOY and different testing strategies.
  • Contact your child's teacher if you are interested in participating in the Texas Math Tournament.


  • We are back to our "old" schedule! Contact your child's teacher if you have any specific questions.

  • Refer to your class' "Week at a Glance" for the accurate schedule, times and small groups. We have seen a lot of success with setting timers and printing the "Week at a Glance" to keep students on track.

  • We have virtual office hours during W.I.N. time every day.

Learning This Week

  • Math: We will be continuing our learning with fractions and representing them using different models.

  • Science: We are taking part in the Engineering Design Process to make our community a better place. This week the kiddos will decide on a problem the entire 3rd grade community will solve. They will have collaborative opportunities!

  • ELA: We are continuing to practice using the strategy of PRESTO to annotate reading passages as well as reviewing grammar.

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