George Washington

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Childhood and Personal Life

  • His mother was a stern woman who ruled the household
  • when he wrote his mother he address her "Honormadame"
  • His father past away when he was eleven
  • His father, Augustine Washington became a prosper tobacco farmer
  • Augustine married and had 2 sons and one daughter
  • In 1730 his wife died
  • Then Augustine married Mary Ball
  • There first born was George
  • George has 4 sibling
  • Also his mother showed little emotion
  • George was born in February 1732
  • George married Martha Dandrigecustis in January 1759
  • George and Martha lived at mount vernon
  • December 14, 1799 he died when he was 67 years old

Early Career

  • At 16 young George became a surveyor and mapped with they money he bought 1459 acres of land
  • At 20 he adjustant general for southern part of colony.
  • At the beginning pf the French and Indian War he was a messenger but a war hero because of his fighting ability.
  • George understood the Indian style of fighting
  • June 16,1775 George was elected by congress to become "Commander in Chief"
  • Washington was a fearless leader during the Revolutionary war dispite many deafts
  • In 1783 Cornwallis sent word to Washington that the British would surrender
  • Washington gave his power as general up to return home to mount vernon and impressed the world because he surrendered his power.


  • 1787 Washington presided over Constitutional Convention
  • February 4,1789 all 69 electors of the electors of the the electoral college voted George Washington to be president
  • He said "I greatly fear that my countrymen will expect to much of me."
  • He was to be address as "Mr. President"
  • He traveled through states and met with local officials
  • He used veto power
  • He passed bills to become laws
  • He set a standard for a 2 term, 4 year presidential term
  • He established the capital on the Potomac river
  • capital was named Washington after him


  • March 15,1797 went home to Mount Vernon
  • His home was cirumbling and neglected
  • Washington spent time refurbing house & working to build a plantion
  • He entertianed a lot and enjoyed company
  • He was a slave owner
  • At his death all 123 slaves were freed
  • He devoted him self for the last 2 and a half years of his life to his family, farm operations and cared of his slaves.
  • Washington refused to yied to the general pressure for a 3 term


  • He was an excellent horseman and understood the land which helped him to be a great military man in the rugged land of the colonies
  • He was cool under fire and able to make quick decisions in battle
  • He was devoted to the men who served him
  • The men under the him saw him as a hero
  • He was elegant statesman and loved to entertain and talked with people
  • He thought being a president was a hard job and struggled with fighting and discontent among the colonist.
  • He did not win every battle but he kept his little army in tact
  • He avioded war and treaties as president
  • He was as careful not to want and keep power for himself

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