My Smore Flyer

my time traveling


This is a story about when I was traveling in Costa Rica with my family. Set in mid summer of 2012. I was 13 years old at the time.

I was traveling with my mom, dad, brother and sister. One of the places we went to was Santa Teresa. We stayed in the Lapaz Waterfall gardens hotel, also known as peace lodge.

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Welcome to Costa Rica

1. The people were very welcoming to us when we got there, they put leis over our heads and said welcome in Spanish.
the air was fresh and clear, you could smell all the wild flowers and fruit trees growing near by.

Right when we arrived to our hotel destination, we were greeted with sweet drinks and fruit, it was rich and delicious!

During our stay in this beautiful country, all we ate was fresh, ripe fruit and veggies. We made smoothies everyday! And of course all the wild animals we saw greeted us as well.


2. At the hotel, one of the activities was parasailing! Me and vivi decided we wanted to do it. Honestly, is was one of the scariest things I had ever done. But vivi thought it was amazing! She said "lets do it again!". Another cool activity was horseback riding! And of course we wanted to do that too! We went riding through the misty mountains with our tour guide. there where these wild boar hiding in the trees with their young. The tour guide said they might eat your snacks if you brought any, so watch out! Or that’s at least what I thought he said, he didn’t speak much English. We had many fun adventures while our stay in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. But sadly, it was soon time to go back home.
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coming home

3. Coming back home was nice, but it was a lot colder than where we were coming from. That’s for sure! I would love to go back again and visit some of the friends I made when I was there, and maybe bring them back a little souvenir from my Home Town. I’m sure they would really like that! The flight back home was long and frustrating, because I knew I wasn’t going back for a while. I really wanted to stay longer! I didn’t want to ever leave.
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