Summer Enrichment


"Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tired anything new." Albert Einstein

The summer months stretch before you and you want your child to stay involved with learning. There are many opportunities to help keep a child challenged over the summer and some of them don't even cost any money! Below are some suggestions for helping keep your child excited about learning new things:

1. READ, READ, READ: Research shows that students need to continue to read books either to themselves or by a parent. This helps with their vocabulary, comprehension, and gaining a wider perspective of the world around them.

Here is a list for a variety of "Summer Reading Programs" hosted in San Antonio from the San Antonio Magazine online:

Here is another list from the San Antonio Public Library:

Scholastic also offers a summer reading program:

2. VISIT MUSEUMS AND PLACES THAT ENRICH YOUR CHILDREN: Visit The Witte, The McNay, The San Antonio Museum of Art, the Zoo, The Alamo, The DoSeum (The new San Antonio Children's Museum), and explore other places offered in our city.

3. "Curiosity, it's the most powerful thing you own." (James Cameron): Your child can be an inventor, a creator, a maker, an explorer this summer. Let them do science experiments and maker clubs.

Here are a few things to check out:

Camp Wonderopolis:

Maker Camp:

DIY Camps: (not free, but only $10) There is a Lego camp, a movie maker camp, a minecraft architecture camp, a doodle camp, drawing-a-day camp, a stop-motion camp, and the list goes on! It looks well worth your $10!!

4. Create comic strips or stories about summer activities: Use Apps. like "Comic Book," "Story Me," "Comic Life," "My Story." Or just be old fashioned and use paper and pencil.

5. Pictures: Take a picture a day to catalog your summer. Turn it into a collage on "PicCollage" or use "Fotobabble" to tell a story about one picture you took over the summer. Create your own "Haiku Deck" with your pictures. These apps are all free and are great ways to add voice to your images.

6. Research: Be open to listening to your child's interests! Help them ask good questions and look for answers. Those answers will probably lead to new questions and the quest will continue leadning to more discovery! Research can be like a treasure hunt.

7. APPtastic Activities! This is a blog that showcases ways to have your kids use "APPS" that are free to make creative projects.

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Katri Delac

I am a Gifted and Talented teacher in Texas.