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Exciting New Projects & Developments from our Departments!


We're happy to introduce our new internal staff newsletter, where we will share exciting weekly updates from all of our incredible departments. Get ready to brainstorm, be inspired, and learn fun new facts about your co-workers. Each week, we will highlight new projects, staff accomplishments, and center updates.

Curriculum Department:

Assistant Director: Esther Merzel

  • Mr. Sokoloff has been working together with Mrs. Aranoff, Mrs. Sovietsky and Mrs. Gerstein to create an exciting new book series called, "Alef Beis: Middos Tovos Stories." Mrs. Aranoff has also written text for 2 upcoming Middos/Mitzvos books one on Challah, and the other on Chinuch.
  • This week Mr. Sokoloff has also been working on the illustrations for the Bikor Cholim chapter.
  • New parshah clip-art is being worked on as well to continue adding to our impressive clip-art collection!
  • Mr. Sosnow has been working on a magnificent poster for the month of Nissan, please check out a photo of his work-in-progress below!
  • There are two brand new early childhood projects as well: A weekly button game that will help children develop their fine motor skills, and a felt Pesach counting game.
  • Parshah: Finished data entry for pesukim for Sefer Bamidbar, finished preliminary edit of Sefer Bamidbar pesukim through Matos (one more parshah to go!), and Mrs. Weingarten is just about finished with the cleaning up of the Sefer Bereishis pictures.
  • Mrs. Schecter is working on new Parshah Science lessons to be uploaded to the website. Rabbi Gershon photographed a few of these lessons, in action, in her classroom!

Computer Lab, Graphics Department and Website:

Department Head: Rochelle Miller

  • Graphics: Mrs. Merzel and Mrs. Friedman have been working on a series of holiday sensory sequencing file folder games. The new "10 Makkos" and "Order of the Seder" sequencing games are now complete and ready to be used as fun early childhood learning center activities.
  • Graphics: Recently Mr. Roth has been working with ACHDS to create a fantastic Shmittah EXPO series.
  • Technology: Rabbi Gershon has been working on several different projects this week, among these are: Taking professional photos of the Netzach Eliyahu faculty, putting up the complete video of Mrs. Fran Gutstein and her speech on Bullying (to view the video click here: https://vimeo.com/120813010) , and greatly improving the Sign-In database by updating the centers current database with new schools and addresses.
  • Web: As a group the computer lab has successfully uploaded around 50 faux needlepoint artworks that can be used to create challah covers, pillowcases, aprons etc.
  • Graphics: Mr. Zimmerman has completed an amazing Jewish Calender project. There is a beautiful collage of pictures that go along with each Hebrew month.
  • Web: Ms. Miller has corrected and improved the text of over 2,000 pieces of clip-art!
  • Web: We have also finalized the 39 Melachos pictures for (boys,girls, and chassidish.)

Hands-On Room

Department Head: Zehavah Allen

  • The hands-on room launched a first time casual presentation to introduce teachers to a new Pesach project called, "Haggadah-in-a-box." Teachers were excited and inspired by the presentation which included 3 different project variations for grades Pre-8th. These projects included different pieces that the students can put into their boxes such as a bedazzled "Cos Shel Eliyahu," metallic Seder plate, fancy cloth matzah covers, and a "10 Makkos" clothes pin project. The haggadah-in-a-box series inspired teachers to create several new adaptations of the project including a Poster size version!


Department Head: Sarah Burnstein

  • Ms. Burnstein has finalized plans to begin a weeding project: throwing away material that are unused, of poor quality, or damaged. This project will begin next week in earnest.
  • While the weeding project is occurring the library will not be accepting donations.

Front Desk

Department Head: Chaya Lando

  • The recent Purim card fundraiser project was a great success! We received a lot of advertising for the center through the sale of our Purim cards that were designed by our very own artists.
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STAFF FUN QUESTION: What is your favorite Pesach food?

Mrs. Jenny Friedman ~ Matzah topped with cream cheese and Jelly!

Ms. Sarah Burnstein ~ Matzah Bri!

Mrs. Rochelle Miller ~ Potato Latkes in soup!

Ms. Tracy Miller ~ Eggs!

Mr. Ephraim Zimmerman ~ Turkey!

Mrs. Chaya Lando ~ Matzah eggs and onions!

Mr. Colin Friedman ~ Matzah!

Mrs. Rachelie Feiler ~ Pesach cake!

Mrs. Zehavah Allen ~ Matzah and charoset!

Mr. Shimon Sosnow ~ Matzah Bri and charoset!

Mr. Rahim Kohanpour ~ Rice (Sefard)!

Mr. Jeffrey Roth ~ Chocolate covered matzah!

Mr. David Sokoloff ~ Matzah cheese sandwich with mayo!

Mrs. Jenny Friedman, Editor

Do you have an exciting new project that you would like to share?

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Wishing everyone a great Shabbos!

and an Outstanding Jewelry Show!