The Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Dussel

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"Anne and Fritz as Roommates." N.p., n.d. Web.


Short Biography of Mr. Dussel

Mr. Dussel or Fritz was a dentist in Berlin Germany. He married in 1921 with Vera Bythiner, they had one son named Werner. They divorced in 1933, Fritz gained custody of their son. Once it started getting violent Fritz sent Warner to England as a refugee, while he went to Holland. Fritz was Miep's dentist and when is starting getting unsafe and he asked her is she knew a safe place for live until the war is over. That's when he join the Secret Anne in November 1942.

Friends and Family are important.

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme“Friends and Family are important”. The Frank family shared the annex with the Van Dann Family and Mr. Dussle. They all celebrated Hanukkah together. Peter lets Anne visit him during the to get away from everyone else, Anne wasn't sure that he is letting her visit, so Peter said “I said you could, didn't I?” So Peter and Anne started visiting and talking to each other almost every day.

Courage can be useful in a rough time of your life.

In the Diary of Anne Frank, another theme is “Courage can be useful when you are in a rough time of your life”. The Frank's let the Van Danns and Mr. Dussel live with them in the secret annex. When Miep brings the family supplies Anne says “We treat her like a dog, getting us stuff.” Even though Meip knows she can get in huge trouble if she is caught by the Nazis.