Tandberg Video Conferencing


In April of last school year, a large glassed in box on wheels arrived mysteriously in my library (picture to the right). The only thing I knew about it was that it was not to be removed from the library. Right as we were beginning the Action Learning Action Research project this semester, I finally received some training on the mystery box. It was a Tandberg Video Conferencing Device that can be used to communicate via video with other schools.

The media specialists in my district discussed ways to use this device in our libraries. We discussed using it to communicate with other schools across our county. We also wanted to incorporate virtual author visits into our library time with our students. I worked together with our IT director and other media specialist to create a Tandberg Video cheat sheet for users of the device.

In my own library, I introduced the machine to my 3rd grade students and let them explore the controls. We then video chatted with another elementary school in our district and my students received a pen pal from that school. They had the opportunity to come up with questions to ask their pen pal and were able to chat with them in a video conference.

Due to budget and timing issues, an author visit did not work out for this semester, but I will be working with other schools to have a visit broadcast to several schools at once to alleviate some of the cost at one school. I will also be conducting a training after Christmas for teachers within my school to show them how to use the Tandberg Video Conferencing Device.

Links for Guides

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