Saludos de la Clase!

Ms. Fitz's Spanish II Classes

What has been going on?

This week, there has been a lot happening in Classroom A220. Students have been researching famous and influential Hispanic Americans and creating presentations about these people. I'm excited to see how they are learning how diverse the influence is that these famous people have on others.

Also, we had a test this week. Students have received their grades in the grade book. If they would like to reassess (Received an 80% or lower) they MUST come into the following tutorial times. Each day there will be one session in the morning (7:45-8:25am and 3:45-4:15pm).

Monday: Gustar verbs

Tuesday: Comparisons

Wednesday: Ser vs. Estar

*Students must attend a tutorial for their reassessment to be accepted.*

- The instructions on how to reassess and what to do are on my website under the Unidad 1 Resources Tab and on Google Classroom.

Sign up fast, spots are going quickly

On October 22nd (B Day) Students have an opportunity to attend an off campus theatre perfomance of the Adventures of Don Quijote. Students will also have an opportunity to eat lunch off campus and then attend the event.

They will be back at school before the buses arrive.

Please sing up at the link above and below this message.

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Please Contact Me

I would love to hear from you and also have you in my classroom! You are invited to sit in on any of my classes. If you would like to set up a meeting with me, please email me.

Study Tips

This week's study tips are:

1. Quizlet - Students can create their own flashcards and quiz themselves whenever they have wifi! There are also fun games on here to help students practice. Sometimes there is a public quizlet already made as well.

2. Around the house - have students label parts of their room or the household (if you are comfortable with it) with the Spanish word for the part of the house. For example, on their door they can put a flashcard with the word "puerta" on it. Or on the oven, put "horno."

*P.S. This is a great way for you parents to practice your Spanish as well.

3. Go to and read the "easy" version of current news articles. This is a great way to practice your reading skills and become a more well-informed citizen.

Until next time/Hasta pronto,

Señorita Fitz