C.E. King High School

From the Principal's Office!

KHS, You are appreciated!! Message from Ms. Chennault

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes. You really know how to make me feel special and loved! It is such a privilege to be part of a campus where we are truly a family. I will be back before you know it. Until then, happy testing over the next two weeks and enjoy your Christmas Break. I look forward to seeing everyone soon!”

Information Station


1. We will be EOC testing this week so there will be no SMART lunch. Please adhere to the testing and lunch schedule created by Ms. Dockray and Ms. Holt.

2. Visibility! Visibility! Visibility! Everyone needs to be present for hall passing time. We want to make sure we are encouraging students to continue walking to their classes. Thank you in advance.

3. In my classroom observations, I am pleased to see instructional strategies continuing to be used. In this process, lets continue to PUSH students to use academic vocabulary. This is the way to maximize learning in the classroom.

4. As we prepare for two weeks of testing for most of our student population, lets maintain the structure in our building/classrooms. Our students are used to our routines and when they are not in place, it invites disciplinary issues in the classroom.

5. The social committee is planning our holiday outing as a campus. Please email Ms. Arredondo with ideas. We want to have a huge turnout like last year so send in your interests! Information will go out by the middle of the week so send her your ideas ASAP.