Life of John Cabot

By Emma Brinton

Before Exploration of John Cabot

1450 in the Italian Port of Genoa John Cabot was born. He was the son of a spice merchant Gulio Cabot. John Cabot learnt about trading in the spices obtained from the East from Guilo Cabot. This, together with access to Italian seamen and ships who had sailed to the East, provided John Cabot with the ambition to 'cut out the middle man' and travel the spice trade routes himself and then sell the spices on his return. In 1461 John moved out to Venice with his family when he was 11 years old. He then later in life married a lady named Mattea. After being married he had 3 children and named them Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto. After living in Venice for fifteen years, gaining experience in trading voyages to the East and seamanship, he obtained Venetian citizenship and was naturalized on 28 March, 1476.

Some Achievements and Discoveries also the Impact he had on our world today.

Achievements and Discoveries

n 1497 he crossed the Atlantic ocean and discovered the mainland of North America.

He claimed parts of Canada for England

He gained commision from King Henry VII

On one of Cabot’s voyages he set sail on his ship called “Matthew” and found the new foundland

He also discovered a new island off the coast of china and was rewarded 10 dollars

Landed on the eastern coast of Canada


Some of us may not be here today because of his discoveries

North America would have never had the colonization happen

The Life of John Cabot