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May 8, 2020

Greystone Pick Up resumes Mondays and Thursdays.
Items to drop off or pick up

To our Amazing PTA...

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Everyone loved our Teacher Appreciation Week surprise! The signs in our yards make us proud to be members of the Greystone family! The shirts are awesome and a great reminder of our 25th anniversary. The cakes were delicious! Thanks so much for supporting us, loving us, and allowing us to be a small part of your children's lives. We miss everyone and can't wait to be back together in the fall.

With all our love, The Faculty and Staff of Greystone

School Supply Information for 2020-2021

new student pre-registration is now open. please register your kindergarten children and share with others.

If your child is currently enrolled in HCS, there is no action needed on your part; however, please share as needed.

Looking ahead to the 2020-2021 School Year, we invite families to complete our HCS New Student Pre-Registration Form. This process helps our schools plan for the upcoming year. The form is provided in both English and Spanish:

Paper registration forms and copies of documents may be turned in during any of our curbside drop off/pick up days. Registration packets are available on our website or you may pick up paper copies of the registration packet during those times.

Free Meals M-F from 11 - 1

Free Nutritious Meals - Children 18 and Younger


Hoover City Schools: Free Meals for Children
(NOT required to be on Free & Reduced Lunch Program)

Curbside pickup of grab-and-go bagged meals will be available for children 18 and younger at Green Valley Elementary School (3200 Old Columbiana Road). These meals include breakfast and lunch items.

  • Days: Monday - Friday
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Children must be present to receive meals
  • Meals cannot be consumed on-site
  • Social distancing: families must stay inside vehicles during curbside pickup

A message from your PE Teachers

To all the Greystone families, we give you a HIGH TEN regarding your

family physical activity time!

Physical activity is always important! Daily exercise of at least 60 minutes a day is part of healthy development for children. During Corona virus times, adults are called upon to exercise/play with their children. Parents, as well as Physical Education teachers and coaches, present a variety of activities for the children to try out.

We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about all the ways you have exercised!! Keep it up!!

Library news

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Imagine Your Story!

The Hoover Public Library Online Summer Reading Program has begun! Sign up at and watch the kickoff video at

a note from mrs. williams about chromebooks

Here are some considerations BEFORE bringing the device to the school to be left for a repair.

  1. We are working with the district to follow all of the required precautions during this time. This will cause the chromebook repair process to take longer than usual. Technicians will pick up after there has been a period of quarantining. It may take 5-7 days for devices to be returned to the building.

  2. Chromebooks will only be repaired if they are not working. The technology department will only process critical repairs during this time.

  3. If there is a need for a repair, please email Mrs. Williams ( Please let her know the student’s name and the reason a repair is needed. For now, if the chromebook is working, do not turn it in for a repair.

  4. When a repair is completed and the device is returned to the building, Mrs. Williams will communicate with you.

COVID-19 Update

Click here for a resource: Taking Care of Our Mental Health During COVID-19

Grace Klein Community is a resource for food. We know that some parents are concerned about providing food for their children. We have created a form for these parents to sign up to receive food while the schools are out. Click here for the form.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the School Closure and COVID-19.

Fostering Resiliency

Dr. Tammy Davis provides thoughtful suggestions in her article Bouncing Back. Dr. Davis conducted an informal poll of students in a school in Virginia. She asked two questions. The first question - “What is the worst thing that has happened in the world?” Students responded with answers about 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Terrorism, etc. Her second question - “What’s the best thing that has happened in the world?” Students responded; iPods, computers, cell phones, people who need help, can get help, etc. Our youth have amazing opportunities even in the midst of some of the worst events. How do we explain why things happen but more importantly how do we help them find a reason to be hopeful?

Internal Assets: When you can identify your internal assets and strengths you can draw on them to cope during difficult times. Take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and on one side write “strengths” and on the other side write “ways this strength helps me cope.” Discuss those strengths with your child/adolescent and how they can transfer to various situations and events.

External Support: It is difficult for many of us, especially youth to know when to and who to ask for help. Have your child/adolescent make a list of all the people they can talk to when they need assistance. Once the list is made have your child/adolescent go back and write next to each name the type of situation or problem that can discuss with that person. This will provide a framework of support.

Hopefulness for the future: Focus on the future. Take a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line across the paper. Start with today and have them write what they would like to happen from today into their future. Their goals, their desired achievements, what they want their life to be. Then go back and with each and ask - identify who has control over whether or not these things happen. You may also want to discuss any potential barriers to reaching their goals and how ways you can minimize or overcome those barriers. Despite anything that has happened in the past, as they get older they have the ability to help control the things they want in the future.

A few other tips suggested are:

  • Acknowledge what has happened is not fair and tragic and it’s okay to feel bad or sad

  • Allow yourself to feel your feeling. Our kids learn best by modeling what they see during times of difficulty

  • Try to see the glass half full - talk about the positive

  • Maintain a sense of normalcy

  • Encourage students to “give back”

It is our responsibility to help our children and students feel “hopeful and confident that the future is bright.”

This is a summary of the article found in the American School Counselor Association’s Periodical School Counselor. Dr. Davis is a professor at Marymount University, Arlington, VA.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. The Second Step program is the SEL curriculum used by our elementary schools and they are currently offering free lessons during COVID 19. For anyone interested, the lessons can be found here

THe Counselor's corner

If you are in need of counseling for your student, please email our School Counselor, Kristin Amos-White at

Office Hours: Monday- Friday, 9am-11:30am and 12:30-3pm.

Please be advised this email is not monitored 24-7 so If you have a medical emergency and need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room. Here are other resources if needed:

The Crisis Center 205-323-7777 (24 hrs)

TEXT 205-328-5465

Teen Link 205-328-LINK (5465)

Kids Line 205-328-KIDS (5437) available 3-10pm

The Trevor Project 866-488-7346

Jeffco DHR 205-423-4900

Shelby Co DHR 205-669-3000

Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800 ­273-TALK (8255) OR text TALK to 741741

PIRC (Psychiatric Intake Response Center) - 205-638-PIRC (7472)

For food, contact Hoover Helps at or contact your school counselor via email.

For other needs through Neighborhood Bridges, please contact your school counselor via email.

House Teams of Greystone: Hawks, Lions, Wolves, Turtles, Dolphins
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Our Greystone Motto

Learn - Lead - Leave a Legacy

Our Greystone Mission

As a school community, we empower learners, inspire leaders, and encourage all children to reach their potential.

Our Greystone Vision

Empowering a generation of learners and leaders to leave a legacy.

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Greystone Elementary

Greystone Elementary is committed to ensuring all information is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you have a disability or face any barriers accessing website content, please contact (205) 439-3200.
EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES  (Board policy, 6.6) No student will be unlawfully excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity offered or sponsored by the Board on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, disability, creed, national origin, sex, immigrant or migrant status, non-English speaking ability, or homeless status. All career and technical education opportunities are offered to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. The district also provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  Mrs. Claire Moore, IDEA Coordinator Mrs. Marley Stephens, Section 504 Coordinator Dr. Debra Smith, Title I Coordinator Dr. Cindy Adams, Title II Coordinator Mrs. Claire Moore, Title III Coordinator Dr. Tera Simmons, Title IX Coordinator Hoover City Schools 2810 Metropolitan Way Hoover, AL 35243 (205) 439-1000  EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY  (Board policy, 5.13.1) The Board is an equal opportunity employer. Personnel actions and decisions will be made without regard to factors or considerations prohibited by federal or state law (as such laws may from time to time be amended), including but not limited to race, gender, age, disability, national origin, citizenship, and religious preference. Subject to the limitations set forth in 4.6.2, the general complaint (grievance) policy (4.6.1) may be used to present any complaint alleging unlawful discrimination or harassment. Inquiries regarding compliance and complaint procedures can be directed to:  Mary Veal, Equal Opportunity Employment Coordinator  Hoover City Schools 2810 Metropolitan Way Hoover, AL 35243 (205) 439-1000