How To Sketch Agera R For Beginners

By: Ronny Hernandez

Sketch For Beginners

In the video below a sketch one the Supercar Koenigsegg Agera R will be shown but only for beginners and for this reason I will only show a little detail on the car to not make the viewers over think the sketch.

Sketching Tools

Tools To Use And Recommendations


Professional tools are not required for beginners sketch, a normal pen and highlighter are good if you don't have PrismaColor pencils and markers which I will use in the video.


PrismaColor tools are really good for sketching but are really expensive, I recommend it but not until you get more practiced with the basics. Another that I recommend are also PrismaColor verithin pencils they are less expensive and good when you sketch light and dark.


Fundamentals are lines that help you get the shape of the car before you start sketching, it is really good for beginners a picture is shown below.
Big image

Tips Before You Sketch

A way that I am ready and comfortable when am doing sketches is when I listen to music that inspires me and also when I draw in a desk without any distractions so try listening to your favorite music when you do this sketch. Also for great results sketch with your arm and not your wrist, sketching with your wrist makes you draw small lines, with your arm you can draw bigger lines.